My Journey For Living Blog

Welcome to my blog about my journey for living. 

To start it was my intention to help other parents who have lost children to grieve naturally. Providing options to alternative ways of healing yourself in lieu of drugs. In 2012, I lost my oldest son to brain cancer, and I lost my youngest son on New Years Day this year. I only had two children. As time has passed, I have worked with these tools and they have helped me considerably. 

My journey did not start with the loss of my children. I have learned and studied and spent much time wanting to always learn something new and different. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. I’ve looked at many different philosophies and religions, with a focus on the healing focus. Jumping back into my journey really helped me with the grieving process.  I have a strong believe that if we can create our illness we can create our wellness. 

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