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For those who grieve

Its is Friday afternoon, I’m relatively in a good place. Like most, I would like the world to be a better place. I reach out and talk and help others that have lost a child (children), but I have realized that I want to help more with moving on with their lives. Our children are with us all the time. So making a choice to be happy or sad, healthy or sick is all up to us!

There will always be certain dates, situations or things that trigger you. That is totally normal. However, not fully living is not what our children would have wanted us to do.

First we have to make our selves happy. What does it look like. Reading and educating yourself. Good food plan and exercise, journaling and meditation, communicating with others. Communication that is only moving you forward. Believe me, I’ve had to walk away from some.

in the beginning, I felt guilty at first, when I started to do well. Each day gets better. You can apply this to other lost ones in your life.

Love to hear how you have moved along!